Airhead Service and Tuning

General BMW Airhead service. Wide range of services available and almost nothing is too small or too big.
Push rod seals; Valve setting; tune ups; head service; gearbox rebuild; new cables; head bearings; Siebenrock Power Kit installation; carb rebuilds; cam chain replacement; air pulse removal; etc, etc.   I generally work on a flat rate basis.  Enquire for a price on your job.
Please contact me to discuss your needs. . I will also take on a complete or partial bike restoration (including paint and stripe work).

Ignition Bean Cans

I am now offering service for BMW Airhead bean can ignitions. Full disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild.
$85 Gets you a cleaned, re-lubed bean can WITH NEW ADVANCE SPRINGS.
I can also replace the Hall Sensor if it is needed. No additional labour will be charged but the part does cost extra (@$150).

Carburetor Services

Complete BING CV Carburetor Rebuild and Service.

Need your BMW Airhead carbs cleaned and rebuilt?  We will take your dirty, worn out BING CV Type 64 or 94 carburetor and completely renew it.  All you need to do is remove the carbs from your motorcycle, send them to airheadpartsonline, and let us do the rest.  Enquire here to discuss your specific needs or reserve a spot in our schedule.  The price is $210 CDN for a pair of carbs.  All replacement parts are genuine BMW or BING.

Included in the CV carb rebuild:

  • Complete disassembly and ULTRASONIC cleaning of all parts
  • Renewal of all O-rings (including the dreaded throttle shaft o-ring)
  • Renewal of all gaskets
  • New Diaphragms

Optionally we will also install (extra cost) these parts if needed:

  • New jets and needles per BING specifications (they do wear out)
  • New floats (Regular floats only.  NOT independent system or alcohol proof versions.  Those parts would both be available as upgrades.)
  • New Float Needles and Clips
  • New springs
  • New vacuum port plug and gasket


For earlier slide type 53 BING carbs (early /5 bikes) there are a few extra intricate steps involved in the rebuild.  If you are interested in having this type of carb rebuilt, enquire here.

Gearbox Rebuilds

Complete BMW Airhead 5 Speed Gearbox/Transmission Rebuild.

Each gearbox gets new FAG bearings, new springs in the shift mechanism, a new neutral switch and a new gear detent roller (ball bearing roller optional) – plus, of course, all new seals and gaskets.
Also while I’m are in there I’ll do a complete inspection for other repairs and let you know if anything is needed. This is also a good time to put in that high ratio first or fifth gear for you rock crawlers and highway eaters. The dreaded 5th Gear circlip retrofit is also available when needed.

All teardown and assembly is done using proper BMW tools. Turn around is about 3 to 4 weeks…depending on what repairs are needed. A bit longer if I have to remove the tranny from the bike myself (This also adds cost).

Price is about $600 CDN as a ball-park amount but expect more if there are other repairs. Depending on your location I can come to your house or shop and remove the gearbox for you. Call or email to discuss.

Airhead Alternator Brushes










Alternator Brushes.  Sold in pairs.  BMW #12311244480

Much improved brushes for your BMW Airhead since these have lugs for screwing onto the terminals instead of having to solder them in…..which is difficult.

A nice easy upgrade to ensure your generator stays reliable.

Have a look at how your charging system works:

Top End Gasket Set: BMW R100 Models

bmw-airhead-top eng-gasket-kit-r100-or pwr_kit-up to sept_80-1100102

All the gaskets you need for refreshing the top end seals of your BMW Boxer.  Comes with: Head Gaskets; Cylinder Base O-rings; Cylinder Stud O-rings; Valve Cover Gaskets; and Pushrod Tube Seals (18mm).

BMW R100 Models.

Top End Gasket Set: BMW R Series up to 900cc after 09/1975

bmw-airhead-top eng-gasket-kit-r100-or pwr_kit-after sept_80-1100101

All the gaskets you need for refreshing the top end seals of your R65, R75/7 R80, R90, BMW Boxer made after 09/ 1975 (larger 18 mm pushrod tube seals)

Includes Head Gaskets, Valve Cover Gaskets, O-rings, and Pushrod Tube Seals.

Not sure if this kit fits you bike?  Enquire here and we will tell you.