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Gearbox Rebuilds

Complete BMW Airhead 5 Speed Gearbox/Transmission Rebuild.

Each gearbox gets new FAG bearings, new springs in the shift mechanism, a new neutral switch and a new gear detent roller (ball bearing roller optional) – plus, of course, all new seals and gaskets.
Also while I’m are in there I’ll do a complete inspection for other repairs and let you know if anything is needed. This is also a good time to put in that high ratio first or fifth gear for you rock crawlers and highway eaters. The dreaded 5th Gear circlip retrofit is also available when needed.

All teardown and assembly is done using proper BMW tools. Turn around is about 3 to 4 weeks…depending on what repairs are needed. A bit longer if I have to remove the tranny from the bike myself (This also adds cost).

Price is about $600 CDN as a ball-park amount but expect more if there are other repairs. Depending on your location I can come to your house or shop and remove the gearbox for you. Call or email to discuss.