CV Carb Rebuild Service

$225.00 (CAD)

Need your carbs cleaned and rebuilt?  We will take your dirty, worn out BING CV Type 64 or 94 carburetor and completely renew it.  All you need to do is remove the carbs from your motorcycle, send them to airheadpartsonline, and let us do the rest.  Enquire here to discuss your specific needs or reserve a spot in our schedule.  The price shown is for a PAIR of carbs.  All replacement parts are genuine BMW or BING.


Worn Jet Needle
Worn Jet Needle

For earlier slide type 53 BING carbs (early /5 bikes) there are a few extra intricate steps involved in the rebuild.  If you are interested in having this type of carb rebuilt, enquire here.

What’s included in the CV carb rebuild:

  • Complete disassembly and ULTRASONIC cleaning of all parts
  • Renewal of all O-rings (including the dreaded throttle shaft o-ring)
  • Renewal of all gaskets
  • New Diaphragms

Optionally and as needed we will also install (extra cost):

Dirty Atomizer Assembly
Dirty Atomizer Assembly
  • New jets and needles per BING specifications (they do wear out)
  • New floats (Regular floats only.  NOT independent system or alcohol proof versions.  Those parts would both be available as upgrades.)
  • New Float Needles and Clips
  • New springs
  • New vacuum port plug and gasket



Love Will Tear Us Apart Again
Love Will Tear Us Apart Again